Thursday, November 24, 2011

Bc Lions Cubes

Someone told me today that there's some special football game happening in Vancouver this weekend. The blue,or green, OH WAIT it was the Grey Cup! I'm sure most of you haven't it heard of it either, but it's kind of a big thing, or so I've been told. 

Of course I'm kidding. Unless you've been hiding in dark, lonely places then you know that the 99th Grey Cup is happening this weekend. What's more amazing is that it's happening right here in Vancouver at Terry Fox Memorial Stadium. And the cherry on top, our very own BC Lions, who started the season 0-5 and then came back to win the Western Division Final, are playing in it! This game is being built up with all the right ingredients to be given the title "Epic". I know what I'll be doing this weekend, and if you have plans other then sitting back, enjoying some snacks and watching this game then I suggest you break them. 


So I thought what better way to show my BC Lion pride then to do what I do best and make them little adorable cube men and share them with you all so you can do the same. So without further ado I give you your BC LIONS!!

You can download and build your own here:

Please share this with your friends get the BC Lion love out!

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