Friday, October 21, 2011

Rypper and Luc - Tribute Cubes

There's this weird connection between players and fans. Though you've never met them, don't know their favorite movie, haven't kicked back and played some Xbox with them, you still feel like you know everything about them. They are a part of your life, and you want only the best for them.

And then  suddenly, they are gone. It's devastating to say the least. The person you have been watching on TV, watching grow. Becoming part of the team, part of you. Gone.

When I heard the news Rypien's Death, I didn't quite know what to think. At first it had no impact on me, because I mean, he's just a hockey player right? No! He was more then that, and I found that out the next few days. The guy was incredible, what he brought to the ice each and every night was pure bliss. You don't see many players that play with such heart and effort as Rypien did. He was always out there giving it his all. Even when the team was just calling it in Rypien was that glowing spark on the ice, a time-bomb just waiting to explode in flaming balls of awesome. And when he did, well that was a treat that no person could look away from. Dominating guys a head taller then him, making grown ass beasts literally piss themselves in fear. This is a true hero in my books. I Loved you Ryp, you gave this game, this team, this city, everything you had. I just wish I could have had the chance to repay you.

*holding back tears*

I made these cubes to commemorate some players that unfortunately had to leave us far too soon. 


And a wallpaper for the best pound-for-pound tough guy that this league has ever seen. 

Rest in Peace

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